Friday, April 24, 2009

The Source of My Joy

This Bible was given to our family when our youngest child died. My husband and I both became Christians when we were children, but this was the time that tried our souls. I had to be led around by the hand for months. I couldn't remember or concentrate on anything. I remember thinking that only the presence of the Lord in my spirit was keeping me alive.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with knitting or crocheting. Well, it has nothing to do with it and it does. I learned how to do this about the same time I became a Christian at age nine. I spent certain periods in my life pursuing and neglecting both but not usually both at the same time. There was not much time for artistic endeavors when I was raising children. Fortunately we did raise our kids in the teaching and admonition of the Lord. They have been such blessings. Now I find that I have plenty of time and many joys. One of those joys is the time to knit and crochet. I know that it is a joy given to me from the source of my joy. It is only because Jesus chose to suffer horribly and die on the cross that I have survived, and that my soul will live with Him. I have chosen to follow Him, and He has never deserted me.

As I knit and crochet, I am reminded what a great creator He is. He created the Heavens and the Earth. The Earth is so beautiful that it is hard for me to imagine that it was created more beautiful than it is now. I love to knit and crochet. I love to be creative sometimes spending months on a special project. He spoke, and all this beauty was created.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your son's death and what you had to go through. Isn't it wonderful, though, that we as Christians can hang on to God and He will help/carry us through our trials? He is a creative God and he has created us to be like Him, creative.

  2. Thank you. I have lost 3 babies myself (before birth) in addition to the 7 I have. Still doesn't make it any easier.

    And Thank YOU for not being ashamed to speak the name of Jesus Christ!


  3. Nikki, we are members of a club that I hope no one ever has to join (parent's who have lost children.) You do such a magnificent job with your 7. You have a special place in my heart.

  4. I realize I am very late in posting a comment, but I have gone back to the beginning of your blog to get to know you.

    I, too, know the suffering of having a child go on to Heaven early.

    My Kristin was diagnosed at 3 with a brain tumor. The Lord gave us 7 more years when the Dr.'s said their would be no way to even gaurantee 6 months. She was mentally slow as a result of the brain surgery to remove the initial tumor, chemotherapy and radiation, but she was such a blessing to so many. That girl was as friendly as the day is long, and if she found you we a missionary, you were her favorite person! She couldn't do much physically because of the damage, but she will always be loved and remembered in our hearts and in the hearts of our church family. I do my best to use her Homegoing to point others to Christ. This may sound odd, but I feel that if I can't use what we went through with her, to help others, then it was all in vain.

    Praise the Lord, Heaven is sweeter with the additions of our precious children. What a glorious reunion that will be, won't it ladies!