Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Very Eventful

It's been a very hectic and eventful year. With medical visits to Dallas, new medications, holidays, travel, and the wonderful birth of our grandson, I have also decided to close my shop on Etsy. As of December 31, 2012, The High plains Knitter was officially closed. There are just too many things on the horizon to deal with, and I feel like it was just time for it.I have enjoyed being part of the Etsy Knitters, both here on my blog, and on facebook. I have found many friends here. Of course I have not stopped knitting, so I will of course have to post my projects here. I received some great Debbie Macomber yarn in the mail, yesterday, so I am starting a sweater, today, in red with green trim. I haven't used Gerbera Solid 100% wool before, but the touch is very soft, and it has a beautiful look on the skein. We'll see how it knits up. Our grandson is 6 months old now, and (I think) just adorable. We go to see him every chance that we get. He was just beginning to sit up the last time we saw him...oh and of course our son and daughter-in-law, too, lol. I hope we can all continue to connect.