Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Stash

Ok, this is my stash. And I'm sure that most of you that knit will not be surprised by the size. I've seen much bigger stashes. What most of you are snickering about I'm sure is how unorganized it is, and that it's scattered throughout the house. Well, most of that is due to lack of space. We have a son staying with us for a while while he looks for a job. When he finds one, I will have room to organize. Of course, as you can see, that will also require buying a lot of tubs. Right now the wools have first priority on being locked away, since summer is coming and the moths will be looking for places to lay eggs.

I buy whatever takes my fancy, especially if it's at steal prices. Almost all of this stash was at steal prices. Anyway, I like to put different yarns together and play, see where it takes me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Decisions Decisions-Project for Me Update

Where am I on my project? Well, I am doing that part that almost all knitters hate. I'm sewing it up. That's the I have to make myself do it part. But, the decisions can be annoying when you come on a problem in the middle of the project and have to decide what to change. As sometimes happens with a kit, some of the yarns ran out before the project did. I had to decide whether to continue on without them, (This pattern would allow that, because the yarns are so variegated) or do I make it short sleeved instead of long. Well, I plan to wear it as part of a nice outfit which means I will always be inside air conditioned buildings when wearing it. I'm cold natured, so I decided to go ahead with what I have. It came out alright, and I don't think anyone will even know the difference.

The problem is when I make the decision, I'm never absolutely sure it will work. Well, it did work, but I am (as always) having trouble fitting the sleeve in. Well, we'll see how it comes out this weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Summer Scarves

I have managed to add several, but not all of my summer scarves. They are light, airy and fun to make. The only problem is that they are made with a yarn that is no longer available in the US. I bought all I could get my hands on, but I can't get any more. I hope the line is successful, but then if it is I may have to try and find something that will work when this runs out. Well, maybe if you see something that would work you could let me know.
The upper picture is Bouqet of Violets. The middle picture is Earth Tones Bouquet, and the lower picture is Pastel Bouquet of Flowers.