Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Stash

Ok, this is my stash. And I'm sure that most of you that knit will not be surprised by the size. I've seen much bigger stashes. What most of you are snickering about I'm sure is how unorganized it is, and that it's scattered throughout the house. Well, most of that is due to lack of space. We have a son staying with us for a while while he looks for a job. When he finds one, I will have room to organize. Of course, as you can see, that will also require buying a lot of tubs. Right now the wools have first priority on being locked away, since summer is coming and the moths will be looking for places to lay eggs.

I buy whatever takes my fancy, especially if it's at steal prices. Almost all of this stash was at steal prices. Anyway, I like to put different yarns together and play, see where it takes me.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Yes, my stash is probably bigger - but your's is much more organized than mine. We have some of the same yarn, too. I also tend to buy when the sale is really good and I'll buy enough to make an afghan - even if I don't have an afghan in mind to make. that way i know i have enough for whatever comes next!

  2. Actually Beverly (don't know if it is the Beverly above, LoL) says that it isn't a "stash" unless it is hidden, by definition. Yours is visible. You know what that means? You have NO stash!

    You know what THAT means? You can buy MORE YARN!!

    I think we should have a glass of wine and go yarn shopping.

  3. I will have to show these comments to my dh as ammunition for a shopping spree. Yes, let's get together and go, LOL whenever you happen to be in the Texas panhandle.