Friday, March 27, 2009

Decisions Decisions-Project for Me Update

Where am I on my project? Well, I am doing that part that almost all knitters hate. I'm sewing it up. That's the I have to make myself do it part. But, the decisions can be annoying when you come on a problem in the middle of the project and have to decide what to change. As sometimes happens with a kit, some of the yarns ran out before the project did. I had to decide whether to continue on without them, (This pattern would allow that, because the yarns are so variegated) or do I make it short sleeved instead of long. Well, I plan to wear it as part of a nice outfit which means I will always be inside air conditioned buildings when wearing it. I'm cold natured, so I decided to go ahead with what I have. It came out alright, and I don't think anyone will even know the difference.

The problem is when I make the decision, I'm never absolutely sure it will work. Well, it did work, but I am (as always) having trouble fitting the sleeve in. Well, we'll see how it comes out this weekend.

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