Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Book Project

I've decided to accept an invitation from a book publisher to submit some items, since I've heard from a fellow Etsy knitter that they are legitimate. As usual, it took me days to make something gel in my mind that would work for them and that I could write down so that someone else could understand it. So, I will post the project as I go. This one will be short and sweet. This yarn and buttons were my inspiration.

I've also decided that one of the most interesting things I could talk about would be other Etsy knitter's shops and items. So every week, Lord willing, I will pick a knitter's shop and blog about it. Some will be on the street team and some won't. I already have in mind which will be the first one. But, after the first one, I want to start with those that have 20 sales or less and work up.

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