Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finished Inspiration

I think I started this sometime in December. It may have been before. Sometimes I have an idea of something I want to start and just start it not knowing where it's going. This is a perfect example. I finished the main part of the scarflette and dropped it while I fingured out what next. Later, I picked it up when I decided to add the pink flowers. I felt like it needed a little glitter so I added lame to the cashmere flowers. After adding them with the little lampwork bead in the middle, I knew that I would need buttons that showed off the little white flowers but didn't clash with the bead. So, I went looking on etsy to find someone who could make buttons that matched the bead. Well, no one could match it, but I did find someone who could make some that didn't clash. Voila, pink buttons. Then, you guessed it, it sat around until now waiting for me to be inspired. I just put the finishing touches on it yesterday with cashmere and lame leaves and vines. I do love to see flowers both in winter when everything is so drear, but especially when spring comes and the weather is still chilly at times, especially in the evening. Hmm what will I start now that might get finished in September?

Please give your comments about what gives you inspiration.

by The High Plains Knitter


  1. It's such a cliche but pretty much everything gives me inspiration! I will see a batt and instantly know what type of yarn it needs to be spun into; I will see or feel a fabric and know what it needs to be made or quilted into. My children are a tremendous inspiration, along with music and movies. I'm pretty much open to a Muse whenever it decides to descend! : )

  2. I am inspired by my stash! Although, it's not as extensive as yours. I often make small things, so I only buy a skein or two of yarns I like. This means there's quite a variety and that I often forget what I've got.

  3. Then, Natty, you get to go on a treasure hunt in your stash. I love that!

  4. Like Des, I find inspiration just about everywhere... and since I do quilting, and handdyed yarns, and spinning, and knitting, and we make soap... I have an outlet for just about any sight, feel or smell that takes my fancy.

    Sometimes I would like to get hold of that muse and choke her though! All this creating can be a LOT of work!

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  5. Different things bring inspiration... sometimes it comes from the yarn, sometimes from the world around me.

  6. Nikki, that is so true about creating being a lot of work. That's why it sometimes takes me so long.