Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade

Pamela Ziemlewicz of Most Favorite Aunt opened her Etsy shop in February, 2008. Her shop sports many accessories, as well as, coffee cozies and doll clothes. Check out her shop by clicking on the title Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade.

Pamela, you are an engineer. What area do you work in?

I'm a Quality Engineer. The company I work for makes ATMs. I make
sure they're right, and lay into contractors to make sure they stay
that way.

Your bio says that you are overworked. What do you do away from work
when you are not knitting?

I travel ~70% of the time. I used to split travel downtime between
knitting and reading. Recently, the lovely folks at TSA have decided
that aluminum needles are a potential weapon, so I've been doing a lot
more reading.

When did you learn to knit and who taught you?

My grandmother taught me when I was very young. I re-taught myself
w/ youtube after college.

If you lived in the tropics, what would you knit?

I'd probably still knit scarves... then sell them to the blustery
cold North. I love when guage isn't a requirement for the pattern.

How has your shop changed since you opened it in 2008?

Not really. When I opened up it was a lot of baby hats, and adult
scarves. Still true to form.

It seems that grandmothers are a common teacher of knitters. Yay for grandmothers. I thank your grandmother for teaching you, and you, Pamela, for sharing with us. You can follow Pamela at

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  1. I ♥love♥ your shop name! I like to think *I* am all of my nieces and nephews' most favourite aunt! :)