Friday, February 5, 2010

Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade

As I have interviewed Etsy knitters, I have come to realize how much I find in common with them. However, it seems that many of us share participation in performing arts, homeschooling and broadcast media. Deborah Long of Anytime Accessories says she grew up a military brat - living between Fayetteville, NC and Panama, Central America. She graduated from East Carolina University in 1995 with a BS in Communication and Minor in Theatre Arts. That's where she learned to sew.

You have had your shop on Etsy since October, how did you come to the decision to sell your work here?

I have been selling my handbags and scarves locally for about three years. With lots of encouragement from family and friends, I decided to take my items to a larger market. I had visited Etsy before and was impressed with all the talented artisans and their shops. I just thought I would give it a shot. It’s been slow going, but I’m determined to make it a success. I get excited when I finish a new item and showcase it in my shop.

When did you learn to knit, and who taught you?

I learned to knit more than three years ago thanks to my mother-in-law. She’s an avid knitter. She got me started by giving me some of her yarn, needles and a how-to book on knitting. I was addicted from the first cast-on. One of my first projects was a simple handbag. After that I knew I had found my niche. I now create my own patterns.

You have a background in TV news. In what area did you work?

I got my start in television news while I was in college. My first job was as a tape editor at WITN TV-7 in Washington, North Carolina. After graduation I worked my way up to newscast producer. Shortly after that I became a reporter/anchor. I’ve covered everything from bank robberies and car accidents to hurricanes and floods. I’ve interviewed lots of interesting people - from actress Beth Grant to former presidential candidate John Edwards.

If you could pick one thing to make huge impact on the world, what would it be and why?

I really think the concept of re-use could really make a difference, instead of using something one time and then discarding it. I am amazed at the artists who create beautiful items out of something old and drab. Recycling in general is important to me. I live in an area where it is not mandatory. But we do it in my house. I want for it to be second nature for my kids. I want them to always think “can this item be used again?”

What do you do when you are not knitting?

I am a stay at home mom so my days are filled with diapers, dishes, laundry, homework, dinner, baths, and bedtime. I literally do all my knitting at night. At times I sew for my kids. In the near future I plan to take a break from yarn and work on some spring dresses for my girls.

You can find Deborah's shop by clicking on the title Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade.


  1. Hi Deborah! It is always so much fun to get acquainted with another Etsy Knitter!
    Lovely interview and that bag is just so cute!

  2. another great spotlight - beautiful scarf!