Friday, September 4, 2009

Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade

Browsing through Lindsay MacKay's shop Knitted Wave Studio, I found everything from knitted scarves and purses to beautiful greeting cards. I especially love the cards with the little crochet hats on them. To get to Lindsay' shop, click on the title Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade. So, let's get to know Lindsay.

When and how did you learn to knit?

I learned how to knit a little over a year ago. At the time I was newly married, in a new state, and without a job. One day I was going through some of the boxes from the move and found my grandmother's knitting needles and some yarn. I thought to myself "this is pathetic I have these supplies and I don't know how to use them." So I plopped down in front of the computer and looked up videos on how to knit and played them over and over again with needles in hand. If the videoes were VHS I would have broken them. Thats how I learned the basics and then from there I just couldn't get enough of knitting! I am a confessed yarn a holic and have no plans of being yarn-free ever.

You also sell gorgeous greeting cards, some of them with crochet embellishment, tell us how you began in this endeavor?

I can't take the credit for the cards, my mother is the creative genius behind those cards, I just help her out every once in a while. As for the crochet embellishments I must confess I wasn't the creator of the one you are talking about. Brilliant idea though, I didn't think of collaborating with my mother in that way. I told her about your blog and she said, "duh, why didn't we think of that?" So in the future be looking for my crochet work on my mother's cards.

In your bio, you mention that you really enjoy working with different mediums. Tell us what about them inspires you.

I love color and texture, especially texture. I also love mixing mediums to see what new things can be created from that. I'm inspired by seeing things in an atypical way sometimes, whether its photo collaging on paper and fabric and adding a little paint or using different color and texture in a knitted piece that takes it outside of what it is, putting it in a totally different light.

What do you do just to have fun?

I love to jump in the car with my husband and just drive up and down the old state roads. My camera and knitting are always brought along. We stop to take pictures of the sights that you don't normally see and sometimes just to stop and crawl up into a tree and start knitting.

It occurred to my while reading Lindsay's answer where she mentioned that she loves textures, that we knitters are not tactile defensive. What a blessing that is to us in particular. I realized that if we were, we would not be able to knit, crochet or spin. Thank you, Lindsay for pointing out that major blessing.


  1. Lindsay, those cards are beautiful! So is the felted bag. Glad to get to know you. Thanks Dianne, for another great interview!

  2. Beautiful items Lindsay! Again it is so great to become acquainted with another Etsy Knitter!
    Thanks Diane!

  3. Hi Lindsay - great items! and Dianne - love getting to meet everyone in a more personal setting - I'm now following your blog :-)