Friday, July 31, 2009

Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade

This week I am enjoying getting to know Velvet Dishon who has a shop on Etsy and 1000 Markets. As always click on the Title Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade above to get to her Etsy shop. Besides her two shops Velvet is involved with her local Knitting Guild. Last year she was the secretary, this year she is co-chair of the altruistic projects. Their favorite charity to support is Project Linus, who supplies blankets to children of trauma.

Velvet what is your background?

I am a former Army Brat that grew up pretty much in Northern Virgina with a short detour to Japan for 4 years, and Florida for 18 months. I graduated from George Mason University with a BS of Early Education, but spent most of my professional, in the "real" workforce, as an Executive Assistant. I have an 8 year old son, a husband with whom I'll celebrate 15 years of marriage with October 8th, my Grandmother "Nana" who is 94, one shitz tuz dog of also 15 years called Piggy, another dog named Ruby, a cat Tinkerbell, a hampster named Squeekers, and assorted fish at home. I have told my son that the "ark" is full, he'd like another cat. I also play hand bells at church.

Velvet, you began knitting as an adult, what prompted you to take up this art?

I have always liked knitting and the look of knitted items. I grew up in a home where mom was always crafting and encouraging us to craft and experiment. When I finally found an acquaintance from Canada and found out that she could knit I asked her to teach me. 14 years later we are closely bonded friends, she was even my birthing coach (her "real" job is a nurse) I also have obsessive compulsive tendencies with attention deficit and knitting is one of my coping mechanisms.

Are you involved in other crafts?

I dabble in just about anything, and am usually game to try any new craft at least once. I have tried everything from painting t-shirts & stamping to counted cross stitch and latch hook rugs. I have concluded that knitting is my niche. My scrapbooks look like a demented 5 year old has constructed them.

How did you become involved in the prayer shawl ministry?

There was another knitter in church that heard about the ministry and asked me to participate. When my family changed churches, I started a new one in the new church. We are up to a team of 4. The prayer shawl ministry is truly a blessing both for the receiver of the prayer shawl, and also the creator. We don't discriminate and have both knitters and crocheters. We are a very loose group, and only have 2 rules. 1) pray over your shawl as you are creating 2) find your own personal blessing doing the task. Creating the shawls is a gift and a joy, and when the project is stressing you out, put it down. No bad "karma" allowed. We do not follow any particular patterns. Pretty much just whatever "floats your boat".

What is your favorite fiber?

I really like alpaca, bamboo, soft wools. But I am usually on an acrylic blend kind of budget.

What is your dream project?

I have a pattern for a medallion backed shawl shrug that I would love to do in a soft alpaca or wool. I would also love to discover a quick way to knit the beautiful lace shawls that can fit through the eye of a needle.

You crochet also, which do you prefer?

I prefer to knit. I have some nerve damage in my left wrist, and I'm left handed. Knitting is more of a straight motion and doesn't irritate the nerves as much as the rolling kind of twisting motion of crochet.

What else is Velvet all about?

I love machine (aka loom) knitting. I own three, and have borrowed one. I am totally in love with the process of being able to create a knitting item in the matter of several hours rather than weeks or days by hand. And my opinion is that loom knitting still counts as knitting because my hands are all over those needles and fibers. And there still is a lot of traditional finishing that goes into a loom knitted item. For me it has what has allowed me to have an etsy shop that is cost effective, practical, and consumer priced. Must be my Scott-Irishness coming out. Incorporating both handknitting and loom knitting into my etsy shop allows me to have a happy harmony.


  1. I love the tops pictured, very pretty Velvet, and I agree that the prayer shawl is a blessing for the maker of it and the receiver. Thanks again, Dianne for a great interview.

  2. Wonderful interview - I love reading about our fellow EtsyKnitters! Thanks.