Thursday, July 23, 2009

Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade

Everle Young of Kneat Knit Creations opened her Etsy shop on June 23rd of this year As you will see in our interview, she loves the challenge of working with different materials. She sent a few pictures that show the kind of things that inspire her, one of which I have included. So, meet Everle.

How close to the beach are you, and do you get any inspiration from the ocean?

I am originally a native Californian, from the Monterey Peninsula, to be specific. I've lived here in Newport News, VA since June 2006 so I've experienced the beach and ocean from both sides of the country and have a lifelong fondness for the beach and ocean. Strangely enough, though, despite my environment being predominantly beach, sun and ocean, I seem to find my inspiration in the flora and fauna found out here in this part of the country. I have never experienced the seasons until I moved out to Virginia. I never experienced seeing leaves change color and fall. I never experienced snow. And I have never seen so many different types of plant and animal life until I moved out here. So would have to say that the seasons and the beauty of the flora and fauna that I have experienced out here in Virginia have proven to be a source of inspiration for my creations.

You learned to knit when you were 13, how did that come about?

It was in the late 1970's when I was in junior high school (better known now as middle school). During that period of time, the school system was so much better than now that schools were able to afford additional classes dedicated to subjects outside of the typical academics. One of the classes was a knitting course that I signed up for and was accepted to the class. My first project was an orange garter stitch scarf, and my instructor saw that I had a talent with the needles. I've continued on and off throughout the years, but as of the beginning of this year, I really started exploring and developing my skills.

Do you crochet?

My knitting instructor did give us the opportunity to dabble with crocheting, but I really didn't get into it. Perhaps sometime in the future I may take it up again.
What contributed to your decision to open an Etsy store?
When I started to take my craft seriously at the beginning of the year, a friend of mine whose sister has a store on Etsy gave me the site address and encouraged me to open up a shop once I had some inventory to post.

What fibers are your favorites to work with and why?

I am surprised to find that I enjoy working with non-traditional fibers. I enjoy working with the Bernat Boa, Bernat Matrix, and Lion Brand Trellis- the more thread-like fibers- because they're challenging in the sense that the I need to make sure that the threads/fibers don't twist and that I need to be conscientious of not allowing a stitch to drop because picking up dropped stitches is very challenging with these types of threads/fibers.

Are there any fibers that you would like to work with but haven't had a chance?

I would love to work with wool, mohair, cashmere and, if I can eventually afford it, alpaca.
Where do you see your store and your art in 5 years?

I anticipate having a larger and diversified inventory still dedicated to the craft of knitting. It is also my goal to eventually develop my own patterns that are unique to my personality and style so as to contribute the spirit of originality which manifests itself within the Etsy site.

You can check out Everle's shop by clicking on the title "Etsy Knitters and Crocheters on Parade" above.


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